Jordan (Jonny Gauges) Pellerino

counterman- delivery

Jordan was born and raised in Thousand Oaks in southern California untill the age of 17. Moving to Grass Valley only to return to Thousand Oaks a few years later, in 2010 jordan made his way to Santa Cruz, were he has stayed sence. Jordan has always been drawn to Music from an early age. He focused mostly on drumming, his other interests include but are not limited to, driving, cars, working with his hands, his cat, fishing and Video games. Jordan's first car was a 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet, a 1993 Nissian 240sx which he modified extensively, a 1987 Mazada RX7 and now a 1991 Saab 900 Turbo. Jordan is currently working here at Andy's Auto Supply as the lead delivery driver and Counterman, as well as a head server at Kiantis! Jordan prides himself in being a musician, a handyman and an outdoors man, as well as being 29 year old and debt free! When asked what are some of your favorite things, Jordan will give you a big smile and tell you, "well, My Girlfriend, My cat, Driving through the canyons, candy corn, Surfrider Cafe and music!" Last but not least, when asked what he looks for in this buisness he will say, "I look forward to expanding my knowledge about cars of all types and ages!" Come in a say hi today!

Tim (Turbo) Gregg

Tim Gregg was born in Oregon and raised moving throughout the north west. He finally made his way to Santa Cruz in time for high school, then moving to Fontana to go to automotive trade school where he honed his skills in the trade, with his refined skills Tim moved back to Santa Cruz where he has recited ever-sense. Tim statred off early with cars, with a 1992 Mazda Mx-3 at 14 years old, one of his favorites was a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, where he found his love for driving! Some other notable cars was a 1964 Ford Galaxie, and his current 1992 GMC pick up. Tim currently is the lead Mechanic and a counterman at Andy's Auto, as well as, doing mobile Mechanics on his off hours, he is learning and working on getting a motorcycle running and back to road worthiness as well. Tim chooses to suround himself with the insperations of racing, rallying, tastefull modifications, and most importantly, anyone with a general enthusiasm for life. Tim prides himself in driving and problem solving, strategy, socializing, being a jack of all trades and finding long winding rodes without traffic! Some of his greatest acheivements are being a high school graduate as well being a automotive trade school graduate, along with those he has been working in the trade locally for over six years and he is still alive! When asked what Tim looks forward to in the buisness, he will tell you, " Life Long connections in the local car community, getting the chance to fix unique problems, along with a chance to help the local community keep their cars on the road!" Come in and give Tim a challenge with your repairs!

Dave (Diesel) Rohrkemper

Dave was born and raised in the Santa Cruz County. From early childhood he was always staring at different vehicles going down the road. Focusing on the minute details of each different car. His first and favorite car was a 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, which sat for over ten years until he got it. Wrenching on the Ghia for a year before ever being able to drive it sealed the bond to aircooled Volkswagens. Other notable vehicles are a 1985 Blazer K5, a 1994 Jeep two door Cherokee & a 1993 4 door Cherokee, also a 1967 Chevrolet C20 pick up. Dave has prided himself in vintage and classics, being told he is "old souled" or "born in the wrong generation" is an every day thing for him! Being more experienced with the classics has not stopped him from learning and studing even the newest vehicles too! If you ask him what is one thing Dave enjoys the most about work at Andy's, he would tell you, "the fact that one can think they know something so well, but one can learn something new, and their whole perspective can change! Thats what I look forward to everyday." Come in and say hi, and he will be happy to brain storm with you on how to fix your latest project!

Mike Mekis

Mike Mekis was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and one oh his earliest memories is helping his dad clean out Andy's Auto after the tremendous flood of 1955. Mike began working at Andy's Auto along side his father in the summer of 1968 while he was still in high school, the same year he bought his first car: a 1928 Ford Model A.

After attending Cabrillo College, Mike worked for a foreign auto parts store in San Jose to gain experience with foreign cars and parts. This experience prepaired him to open the first foreign and domestic auto parts store in Santa Cruz in 1974-- Foreign Auto Parts Supply. Mike took over ownership of Andy's Auto Supply from his father in 1986, and has been managing the business for Thirty years.

One of Mike's greatest assets is his customer service. Mike greets every customer with genuine respect and attention to the problem that needs to be solved-- with big or small. People feel comfortable with Mike, and he welcomes everyone in his store!


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